Buffaloes Catch fire against the Sun Devils

Montez leads the Buffaloes over Arizona State


Before the game I tweeted out the Keys to the game for the Buffaloes, one of them was keeping everything in front of the defense. Mainly Nate Landman making sure that the true freshmen for the Sun Devils doesn’t use his legs to beat them. They completed that task, taking away the run lanes for Daniels. The other two were Making sure Montez found Shenault early and often and getting the pass game going early.


Montez didn’t disappoint as they achieved just that in the pass game. Throwing for 337 passing yards and three touchdowns to the same Wide Receiver named Tony Brown. The Buffaloes were sizzling. Beating a ranked opponent on the road is something that the Buffaloes haven’t done since 2002. To be exact that was 17 years ago. During easily the best tenure of the Buffaloes football program with players like Chris Brown leading the charge. Montez was excellent yesterday. Getting the Buffaloes up early to a 14 point lead and not looking back.


There was however a time where the Defense had to step up and that was in the fourth quarter where the Buffs had a late field goal to go up as the Sun Devils rallied making it 34-31. The Buffaloes defense led by Mustafah Johnson their best pass rusher and Nate Landman the Inside Linebacker. The buffaloes were able to force a turn over on downs as the Buffaloes moved on to 3-1 on the season and 1-0 In Conference play.


The thing that is right now in the Buffaloes favor is that the team projected to be the best team in the south lost to USC 30-23. Utah is still a very dangerous team, but Colorado understands how important conference wins are now. The two will face off for the last game of the season. Without looking to far ahead the conference play continues with the Arizona Wildcats coming up to altitude at Folsom Field. The buffaloes can start to widen the gap before they take on a ranked Oregon Team.


The look ahead, it’s not clear how serious Shenaults injury is. He only played two series before he was out of action on the sideline. No one was talking and rightfully so. If it’s a significant injury. You’d like to have him back for the Oregon matchup as that could be a pivotal game in the pac-12. But, if he can’t come back healthy. Colorado seems to have the next man up mentality that Mel Tucker has brought over from Georgia.


The highlight was still the receiving corp. If I told you that Colorado would lose it’s best player early in the first half, and they still would have three passing touchdowns. You’d likely unsubscribe and stop reading. But, that’s exactly what happened. Brown has confidence which is good. Hoping that the run game now can also be a big part of the team success moving forward. But, this passing attack is looking top-tier among the pac-12.