Colorado Buffaloes Keys to staying undefeated in Conference:

What Colorado needs to do to improve and move on to 2-0 in conference:


It’s no secret we’ve been here before. Multiple times in fact under former coaches. The same hot start in the conference and non conference play. Lets face it outside of one play from Air Force in an overtime defeat. The buffaloes could easily be looking at a big goose egg in the loss column. However, this team seems to have something those other teams didn’t. A relentless fighting attitutde that Mel Tucker has instilled in this team. It’s the culture and identity of this program moving forward. Not only for this season but for the seasons and future to come. There is just something different a buzz around Boulder, Colorado.


The reason for that is because of Mel Tucker. The SEC conference is where we are told the big boys play. Well if you ask me. There are a lot of big boys on this Colorado team. Three of them could be first to second round talent. In order for the Buffaloes to walk way with a big win and show that they are a real threat in the Pac-12 south. The buffs must continue to do what they’ve been doing. Along with improving in a few areas.


The first areas I want to see improvement is the pass yards allowed on defense. This team is allowing just under 300 yards per game. If you ask any player on the team that needs to be cleaned up. This defense has two clear leaders on it. Nate Landman and Mustafah Johnson. Both have made some great strides in this season. They are gonna need to continue to be the anchors of this defense moving forward. This Arizona team does like to run the ball. They come in averaging 307 yards a game. This defense for the Buffaloes are allowing 175 rushing yards per game. The clear key for this defense this week is to control the pass game. If they can get a lead early the run game will be taken away.


The second key that the Buffaloes need is simple. For offense get the run game going. Avg under 150 yards per game is not a good way to hold leads. It’s no secret the strength of this team is Montez and his arm and Shenaults ability to get open and continue to rack up yards after the catch. Along with the sudden emergence of Brown. The passing game is the strength. You throw to get the lead and run to keep the lead. Something the Buffaloes haven’t really had much success with according to the numbers. The Arizona Defense is not going to make it any easier as they average 107 yards per game.


These two teams are very similiar in they know their identity. Arizona likes to throw the ball similiar to Colorado. Both teams can stop the run but struggle against the pass. The edge here can’t go to one team. But, we are forgetting one very important thing. The X factor in all college home games, and that is the crowd. I said earlier there is a buzz around Boulder, and Saturdays, a lot of fans are starting to see the potential this team has. The edge goes to Colorado this saturday and my prediction is gonna be. Buffs 31 – Arizona 21. I think the pass game gets out and going early for Colorado and they are able to continue to lean on their stingy defense to come up with some turnovers. Creating a long day for the Arizona secondary.