Colorado Buffaloes Football: Loyalty left in Boulder

Cornerback Josh Wiggins knows where he belongs. Despite so many Colorado players jumping into the transfer portal, this week something rare has happened. Loyalty. He signed a national letter of intent last month and despite the craziness in Boulder and even with the cornerbacks coach leaving for Oregon, Wiggins says he can’t wait to get started in Colorado.

“I was like aww man, but CU is where I want to be and I’m ready to get down and get to work and get ready for this new football season coming up. I’m ready to show everybody what I can do.” Says Wiggins on where he see’s his future.

Josh Wiggins went onto say he is just ready to get to work. Whatever coaching staff is there now doesn’t matter, and does not change his plans. He is ready to learn from the people in the Buffaloes system now and make sure he takes everything in.

The Texas cornerback is already in classes, stating that he wanted a head start on his academics. Because of Mekhi Blackmon and Christian Gonzalez gone he will have a perfect chance to shine early and shine often.  With so many players heading out of Boulder for better opportunities, this is a bright spot for Colorado fans. Just to see a little bit of loyalty in the players is something we haven’t seen too often.

He reigns high on confidence, something you have to have in a tough position like cornerback. Josh said he always believes in everything he does and will make sure he always brings that swagger, so that everybody can feel me and see what I’m really about and see that I love the work, and love to compete.

We can’t wait to see his swagger and his confidence on the field this season. Welcome to Boulder Chris. We are happy to have you.