Colorado Women’s Basketball: Mya Hollingshed named to first team All-Pac-12

It came as no surprise when Mya Hollingshed was selected to the first team All-Pac-12 again for the second straight year. The fifth year senior out of Houston left no room for doubt this season. Game after game climbing the record books and making history for the Buffs. It was an honor that capped off one of the most incredible careers that any Buff has ever had.


Head coach JR Payne congratulated Mya earlier telling her it is always an honor to be selected first team for any nomination or award in this league. Though it comes as no surprise. The double-double master has had 8 this season, with a total of 24 in her career. She is now standing at 6th place in the all-time scoring list. A list she has been climbing all season. In her time in Boulder she has scored over 1600 points and could close in soon at the 900 mark in rebounds. She completed her final game of the season with 13 points and 8 rebounds on Senior day. 


Mya Hollingshed reflecting on being a buff after the win at USC during a post game interview:

“It’s been great, I wouldn’t pick any other place to come play college basketball. The way that I’ve been able to develop on and off the court. The way that I’ve been able to grow with my teammates, my coaches, people I’ve seen throughout this program. Especially a lot of the great scorers that we’ve had in the past. It’s just amazing to see what you can do and I think that just speaks to the volume of player development. I think they do a great job here at Colorado with player development. They like to work on individuals game and try to get each other better. They don’t like to really look to like let players just do their own thing. They like to come in and get in that work. I think that speaks to the program that we have here. I definitely wouldn’t be able to do it without my teammates my coaches, if they didn’t recruit me out of high school. For them to be my first official visit and then for me to come here, it’s just been a Cinderella story for me to come here and do everything I’ve been able to do. I wouldn’t want to come to any other place.”

It was very hard to tell if Mya was happier for herself and the success of that of her teammates when Quay Miller was named as Sixth Women of the Year. Or when Kindyll Wetta was named to Pac-12 All-Freshman team. We have always adored Mya’s unselfishness and will to make everyone around her better. She would rather spread the wealth than bask in it.

One of the main reasons she came back for a fifth year was to get her team to the big dance. The Buffs are so close now they can almost taste it. Colorado is 29th in the net rankings. For a pool comprised of 68 teams that bodes very well for them. A decent showing in the Pac-12 Tournament should make them a shoe in for a March Madness berth. Watch Mya lead her team tomorrow at noon to get one step closer to the Buffaloes dream.