Colorado Buffaloes: Two iconic birthday for two iconic figures for CU as JR Payne and Baby Ralphie share the same day

It seems almost ironic that Colorado Buffaloes Women’s basketball head coach JR Payne and one of the most iconic mascots in all of the NCAA shared the same birthday yesterday. Perfectly fitting for two iconic figures for the University of Colorado.

Head coach JR Payne has had the love spreading for her all over Twitter. Well deserved and should even have more in my opinion. She’s one of the best leaders CU has ever had and only gotten better and better each season. After getting the Buffs back to the Big Dance this season we can’t wait to see what her leadership and talents as a head coach bring us next season.

The consensus around basketball and the NCAA all seem to be the same. She is an incredible coach and even better person. Her players, coaches, coaches from around the league can’t say enough kind things about her. Everyone is so proud at how far she’s come. She teaches players to be great, but to be even greater human beings. We can’t rave enough about her and hope she had the best birthday yet. You deserve it J!


Baby Ralphie got to share a birthday with JR. She just turned 2 years old and couldn’t have asked for a birthday twin. This big baby girl was born on a ranch in western Nebraska, and became an orphan rejected by her mother since birth. Ralphie now weighs in around 500 weighing over half the weight of previous ones but nobody knows quite how big she will become. But we do know she will be one of the best ever, and hope she had a deservedly phenomenal second birthday.

Baby Ralphie is soon to have her own personal nickname. Don’t forget you can donate to help name her. The name Ember is still in the lead with over 12,000 dollars donated overall already. Take part in history and have a forever connection to Ralphie.