Colorado Football: 7 reasons why Colorado would fit well in the Big Ten

With the big news of USC and UCLA now looking to join the Big Ten many are asking if the PAC is going to start folding. Teams who want to be respected and play with the best in college football are going to want to be a part of competitive divisions. Where does Colorado stand in the thick of all of this? There are a couple of options that they will have to weigh for what they want their future to be. Here are 7 reasons why Colorado would make a great fit for the Big Ten:

7. Denver Sports Market

Everyone knows that Colorado Football has not been at the forefront of college football for quite some time, but acquiring the Denver Sports Market would be a huge advantage for the Big Ten.

6. Revamping the Nebraska and Colorado Rivalry

It’s a long time rivalry that began in 1898. With a total of 71 meetings Nebraska leads the rivalry with a pretty nightly at 49-20-2 record. The 72nd meeting will take place on September 9th in 2023. Colorado will come in the game with the upper hand winning the last two rivalry games. Even Nebraska fans have said they would love this rivalry back.

5. The experience of Mike Sanford

Buffs offensive coordinator is no stranger to the Big Ten. Sanford coached the Minnesota Gophers in the 2020-2021 before Colorado snatched him up. He could give the Buffs plenty of guidance on how to beat the best in the Big Ten.

4. Colorado is the only Pac-12 school left with a National Championship

With USC and UCLA looking to move out of the Pac-12 that leaves Colorado as the only school in the PAC-12 with a National Championship. Buying into the University of Colorado would be buying into rich history and tradition. Despite poor performances in recent years in the Pac-12, the Big Ten would be acquiring a historical program.

3. The Beauty that is Boulder

One of the best things the Big Ten would be achieving is one of the most beautiful stadiums in college football. The Rocky Mountains in Folsom Fields view is one of the most breathtaking views in all of sports. It would be an exciting atmosphere for any Big Ten team to travel to. Which also makes for great television and viewership.

2. One of the best live mascots in America

Ralphie is one of the greatest traditions in college football today. Between the beautiful atmosphere in Boulder and watching Ralphie sprint out before each game with her handlers. It’s one that brings tremendous excitement to get the crowd roaring and fans at home excited for the game.

1. Colorado is a team full of Texas bred players

This is something you can’t look past when we are talking in terms of talent and athletic ability. Texas is one of the biggest football states in the nation, and Colorado has a ton of them. Some of the best players come out of the Longhorn state every year. Though the Buffs love their in state talent as well you will find them taking a slew of Texas talent every year too.

It doesn’t mean Colorado has to move but if they want to be contenders eventually it’s a move they will have to make in the future. Whether it being the Big 12 or Big Ten, the Pac-12 is fumbling. Let’s face it Colorado has struggled since joining. This could give disgruntled Colorado fans hope for the future they’ve been looking for.