Colorado Football: Should Colorado go back to the Big 12?

College football is changing and the Big 12 is doing it’s best to keep up. Cincinnati, BYU, Houston, and UCF have already joined the conference starting in 2023, but will that be enough? With the Big Ten picking up USC and UCLA eyes are on the Big 12 to see how they will catch up to the likes of the Big Ten and the SEC. Sadly the Pac-12 is looking to be a sinking ship and it’s now time for other conferences to take the best of the west and make their conferences stronger. Today the BIg 12 will be meeting with Utah, Arizona, Arizona State, and Colorado.

The Buffaloes joined the Pac-12 in 2011. In their time with the Pac they have only seen two winning seasons. Colorado had a 10 win season in 2016 but other than that year they have not had a season record of over 5 wins. They do however produce great NFL talent which seems to be the only win Colorado can get.

Some beg the question should Colorado have ever moved to the Pac-12? Because it has not been a pretty showing to a once highly touted program that was respected throughout the land. They have appeared in 28 bowl games and won 27 conference championships to go along with their national title in 1990.

As for the Big 12 replacing powerhouses like Oklahoma and Texas won’t be something in their reach but acquiring promising programs such as Utah is a step in the right direction. Colorado has been there before so it would be an easy transition. The rest of the Pac-12 schools should merge to make the Big 12 stronger and more competitive. Excluding Oregon, who I think would make a huge impact for the Big Ten in making their league stronger and more fierce.

It has been no secret that Colorado Football has struggled this last decade, but let’s focus on the good things adding the Buffs back would bring to the Big 12:

The Denver market is a huge selling point that other schools cannot give them. Colorado is also one of the few Pac-12 teams with a National Championship. The insane beauty that is Folsom Field is a high attraction. Bringing back the Big 8 rivalries. Which equals more money.

Lastly, the loss of the Texas program was a hit but Colorado can be viewed as little Texas. Many born and bred Texas players round out the Buffaloes roster. So much of the team already is familiar with the atmosphere of the Big 12. Times are changing, and moves are being made quickly. We will soon see where the chips fall for Colorado in the coming weeks.