Analyst on CU as perennial CFP contender: ‘Gonna need to see top 20 in recruiting’

Colorado football being a future College Football Playoff contender — something that Yahoo Sports’ Dan Wetzel projected for the Buffs if/when Coach Prime stays in Boulder for more than a “pit stop” — is something Opelika-Auburn News editor Justin Lee wasn’t willing to consider. Not until they have a top-20 recruiting class at least.

“Gonna need to see Colorado at least near the top 20 in recruiting before I’m with you there,” the Auburn beat reporter responded to Wetzel’s article in a quote tweet. Wetzel wrote that the Buffs have perennial College Football Playoff potential once they reach the Big 12.

“How about a path to the College Football Playoff? Well, the Big 12 (which Colorado will join next year) will have a likely automatic bid in the upcoming 12-team format,” Wetzel prefaced before saying, “If Colorado is good, it’s getting in. And with Sanders in charge, CU will be the hottest, most promoted, most resourced and almost assuredly talent-rich team in the Big 12, offering a far easier route to the postseason than if he coached in the SEC.”

Colorado football must find eventual Shedeur Sanders replacement for the long-term health of the program — and build up OL ASAP

As of the first three weeks of the 2023 season, Shedeur Sanders has had 348 or more passing yards in each performance for Colorado football; singlehandedly carrying a Buffs offense that has no run game thus far. To be fair to CU’s running back room, though, the offensive line has not done what it has needed to for the rushers to flourish.

For the long-term health of the program, finding the next great Colorado QB, and this writer does feel comfortable calling Shedeur that thus far, will be paramount. Luckily the 2025 class’s No. 1 overall recruit, QB Bryce Underwood, is strongly considering Coach Prime and the Buffs.

Just as importantly, though, the trench recruiting needs to improve immediately for this to be a sustainable model.