Polarizing SEC coach ‘knows what Travis Hunter is going through’

Polarizing SEC coach Lane Kiffin “knows what Travis Hunter is going through” according to USA Today’s Kevin Skiver — this after Kiffin shared his public display of support of the two-way Colorado star in which he said he was a “big fan” and told Hunter to “keep grinding” after the DB/WR asked “what do you people get out of hating?”

“Kiffin — somewhat of an expert in the topic of disproportionate hate — responded to Hunter, telling him to keep his head up,” Skiver said of Kiffin’s defense of Hunter. “Kiffin has enough experience to take the hate in stride. His roots are with the USC program, he coached at Alabama as offensive coordinator under Nick Saban and he found success with Florida Atlantic before settling down with Ole Miss. USC and Alabama in particular breed vitriol when they don’t find sustained success, so to a degree Kiffin knows what Hunter is going through.”

Kiffin certainly has his fair share of doubters, beyond just the fanbases he unsuccessfully coached for. As Ole Miss’s head coach, he’s made enemies out of Alabama, where he served as Nick Saban’s offensive coordinator for three highly contentious, and successful, seasons, and Auburn, where he was almost hired before staying in Oxford, Mississippi, and trolling the fanbase relentlessly since. But even he likely cannot comprehend the generational hate that Coach Prime and the Buffs are receiving in 2023.

Travis Hunter returning to Colorado will restore the Buffs’ competitiveness

Against Oregon in a 42-6 drubbing, Colorado was never truly a threat against the Ducks. Hunter wouldn’t have really changed much for the defense, since Bo Nix was finding his receiving weapons all over the field and Oregon’s running back room accounted for just under 200 rushing yards. On offense, though, his presence would’ve propped up the likes of Xavier Weaver and Jimmy Horn Jr., the latter of whom was held to negative receiving yards.

Having a leader like Hunter is tangibly a plus for Colorado for talent and leadership, so the sooner he returns, the better in Boulder.