5 biggest NFL draft busts in Colorado football history

Colorado only has one draft prospect at the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine and hasn't produced a first-round pick since 2011. These former Buffaloes first-rounders didn't help the program's reputation with their disappointing NFL careers.
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Leonard Renfro. . 1993. 54. 2. player. No. 24 overall. Leonard Renfro. Leonard Renfro.

At 6-foot-2 291 pounds, Renfro was a bit undersized to play on the interior defensive line in the NFL. Still, the Eagles took a chance on the Colorado standout in the first round, but their gamble did not pay off. 

Renfro played 14 games as a rookie, started just two (his only two career starts), and made 16 tackles with no sacks. Over his two-year NFL career, Renfro never recorded a sack and in Year 2 only recorded three tackles in nine games. 

The Eagles cut their losses after just two seasons and Renfro never played another NFL game after 1994. It’s nearly impossible to have a less impressive NFL career as a first-round pick, but because Renfro was taken in the back half of the round, I cannot rank him any higher than third.

A miss in the 20s does not cripple a franchise the way a top-10 draft bust does.