Accusation Coach Prime is pocketing unused Colorado football recruiting funds debunked

USC v Colorado
USC v Colorado / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

Coach Prime was accused of pocketing unused Colorado football recruiting funds, but the Blue Blood Bias X account -- which we have to assume has some sort of inside knowledge on the Buffs after getting a retweet from the official Colorado Buffaloes Football X account -- debunked that quickly.

"What (Deion Sanders) didn’t tell you is he negotiated a deal in his contract that the leftover money from the recruiting budget goes to him in the form of a 'bonus,'" one FSU fan account prefaced before saying, "Look it up."

BBB was having none of it, though there was a curious claim made that "even if it was true," that it wouldn't matter. Hmm.

"I have personally confirmed that this post is false & defamatory," BBB prefaced before saying, "Show the verse in the contract that says that, you can’t. The 200k annual Wheels Up credit you’re referring to is NOT given to Deion in the form of a bonus… And anyways, even if it was, this is chump change compared to the economic value that Deion has delivered to CU & the city of Boulder in the last 6 months . The hate is crazy! This is what’s wrong with social media, people will post anything without verifying the facts."

Coach Prime responds to claim he doesn't use Colorado football recruiting travel funds

It was USA Today's Brent Schrotenboer who originally reported that Sanders let the University of Colorado's recruiting funds intended for travel to the schools and homes of prospective Buffs.

"The data since Dec. 1, 2022 covers the last two winter contact periods on the NCAA recruiting calendar, which generally restricts head coaches from making off-campus recruiting contacts beyond the months of December and January," Schrotenboer prefaced before saying, "In Sanders’ case, his employment contract with Colorado also gives him an annual budget of $200,000 to use a private air travel service for recruiting called Wheels Up. He didn’t use it."

Coach Prime was not a fan of that, calling the report out on March 20 while speaking to reporters; though never refuting what was said about his lack of travel.

“There was an article that came out that said I don’t go on visits,” Sanders said of the report claiming he didn't go on visits (h/t USA Today). “OK, my approach is totally different than many coaches’ approach. I’m a businessman as well, so I try to save our university money every darn chance I get.

“The parents, I love ‘em, and I want to show them Boulder. I want them to see this and how beautiful it is and why I’m so eager and how much I love this city and this state and this team. I want them to see that, because guess what? That’s why the kid is comin.’ The kid comin’ here. Going there is just showcasing for me. That’s just blowing money. It’s blowing a bag, don’t make sense. I can’t do things other coaches can do. You know why? I’m Coach Prime. And I didn’t stutter when I said it.”

Sanders certainly got heat for this rant, but as long as he's saving money for the school -- optimistically, maybe that's being reappropriated in the form of NIL pay-to-play payouts -- and not being pocketed, there shouldn't be a problem.