Analyst credits recruiting in Florida, Ohio, and Texas to why Colorado football will be improved in Big 12

TCU v West Virginia
TCU v West Virginia / G Fiume/GettyImages

In joining the Big 12, Colorado football is increasing its presence in Florida, Ohio, and Texas, three fertile recruiting grounds -- leading FanSided's John Buhler to believe that the Buffs will be much improved in 2024.

"This has been a talking point my colleague and False Start co-host Cody Williams has been talking about all offseason: How huge it is for Colorado to be back in the Big 12," Buhler prefaced before saying, "This is a league, as well as its predecessor of the old Big Eight, that CU saw its most gridiron success, whether that was under Bill McCartney during the Buffs' heyday or a little later under Gary Barnett in the 2000s.

"Colorado retains regional rivals, as well as being better equipped to recruit talent-rich states now in the new/old conference of Florida (UCF), Ohio (Cincinnati) and Texas (Baylor, Houston, TCU, Texas Tech). Factor in Shedeur Sanders being a Heisman Trophy hopeful, and it would not shock me if the Buffs went something like 8-4 in its first year back in the Big 12. This team is so close to being great."

Coach Prime makes Colorado football a national brand

Coach Prime didn't need to be in the Big 12 to attract talent from his home state of Florida. Ditto for Lone Stat State recruits whose parents watched Deion Sanders help the Dallas Cowboys win Super Bowl XXX against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Ohio? Well, being in the Big 12 certainly helps there, though not nearly as much as being in the Big Ten would've.

"Prime Time" takes up all of ESPN and FOX Sports' airtime. Everyone in the country knows what they'd be signing up for by signing an NLI with Colorado.

Sanders doesn't need a new conference to let the world know his Buffs are coming. But it certainly helps considering how dysfunctional the Pac-12 became in its dying days.