Analyst pumps brakes on overreactions to Coach Prime's rebuilt Colorado football OL

One analyst needs the brakes pumped on overreactions toward Coach Prime's rebuilt Colorado football offensive line.

Colorado v Utah
Colorado v Utah / Chris Gardner/GettyImages

Coach Prime's massive overhaul of the Colorado football offensive line -- one he owes a great deal of gratitude to new Buffs offensive line coach Phil Loadholt for -- is one that some analysts, like the Blue Bloods Bias X account, are claiming that an offseason haul like this has never been seen in the sport.

Mike Farrell of the Mike Farrell Sports brand beg to differ.

Farrell, who joked that Blue Bloods Bias was a parody account, claimed that he had seen "50, maybe 100" better recruiting spurts in college football before.

Colorado football had more impressive recruiting spurt in 2022

Right after Coach Prime was brought to Boulder, the 2022 recruiting class's No. 1 overall prospect, Travis Hunter, transferred to CU alongside a host of blue-chips including Shedeur Sanders, Jimmy Horn Jr., Demouy Kennedy, and Alton McCaskill, to name a few. That class was more impressive than CU's haul so far, as just one example.

Alabama, Georgia, and Ohio State have routinely outrecruited that class in the last half decade, while Texas A&M's final seasons under Jimbo Fisher saw historically great talent infusions to College Station. Dating back a bit further, Urban Meyer routinely brought in better classes, while other coaching greats like Pete Carroll and Mack Brown outdid what Deion Sanders is doing now.

This isn't to take away a single thing from Coach Prime's Colorado offensive line rebuild. It's exactly what was needed right now given what was brought on during his initial portal hunting. But you combined this cycle with last year's cycles, then there'd be a case.

Standing alone, incomplete as it is, there's no reasonable route to taking the position that this Buffs portal/high school class was unforeseen. It's been seen routinely, and much better classes have been assembled in recent years alone.

Blue Bloods Bias was a bit vague on the criteria of the statement, but until this class hits the field, judgements on its historical significance need to have the brakes pumped on them.