Analyst sends strong message on Deion Sanders' future with Colorado football

Arizona v Colorado
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facebooktwitterreddit's Adam Munsterteiger addressed Deion Sanders' future with the Colorado football program during an appearance on the College Football Recruiting Show, claiming that the Buffs' transfer portal losses have been minor and despite the turnover the past two years, Coach Prime and the University of Colorado have a bright future together.

"There have been a few guys that have left the program that Colorado would like to have on its roster in 2024," Munsterteiger said (h/t 247Sports). "However, a lot of the guys that left were not going to be starters. It is tough to keep depth around in the portal era. You've got this revolving door with depth pieces. The big picture still looks very promising for Colorado. There's been an overreaction when guys hit the portal at the beginning of every portal window. Were they better off from a total talent at the end of each window? The answer is yes every time.

"Last weekend was the first weekend they've had non-graduates in the portal visit, and they've already gotten four commits. Have a little bit more trust in the process that they've shown since Sanders got to Boulder. It is unconventional, and it's going to draw a lot of national headlines. This roster continues to get better after every window. From that standpoint, you've got to agree with Coach Prime in terms of what he's building in Boulder. Colorado does not have a high school recruiting hotbed in their backyard."

Deion Sanders has only ever reassured Buffs fans that he plans on staying with Colorado football

The transfer portal losses are being weaponized by some analysts to make the case that Coach Prime isn't long for Boulder. In many ways, that's absurd beyond belief considering the below-the-surface standards CU had before he arrived.

It's even more absurd because Sanders has repeatedly pledged his loyalty to Colorado. Having been able to hand the reins of a Power Five offense to his son Shedeur, raising his youngest son's stock in the process, and being able to make his other college-aged son, Shilo, a leader of a P5 defense, Sanders has gotten everything he could've ever wanted out of coaching the Buffs.

You know Sanders is in it for the long haul at CU because he even criticized his daughter Shelomi's decision to transfer.

Analyst need to stop trying to poke holes in Sanders' Buffs tenure and just enjoy what has been created at Colorado. That won't happen, but we can all dream about it, can't we?