Coach Prime accused of only recruiting retreads to Colorado football

Coach Prime was accused of only recruiting retreads to his Colorado football program by one analyst.

Colorado v UCLA
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Coach Prime was accused of recruiting "retreads" to his Colorado football offensive line by Mike Farrell Sports' Scott Salomon -- who accused the Buffs staff of recruiting an incoming 2024 class that is "nowhere near" what they were looking for.

"Last season, Prime offered the world to transfer portal candidates and grabbed over 60 players from the portal," Salomon prefaced before saying, "This season, things are different as he has a total of 16 players signed from the portal and they are nowhere near the quality group that Prime was looking for. Prime will retool his offensive line with retreads as opposed to freshmen that he and his staff can coach and develop."

Of course, Jordan Seaton's commitment -- which is now up in the air with Maryland making a late surge to steal the former D.C. area star -- is the only thing keeping this class from being a monumental disappointment.

Analyst on Colorado football under Coach Prime: 'This won't end well'

Salomon's colleague and the Godfather of Recruiting himself, Mike Farrell, claimed that CU's future won't end well at the current rate Coach Prime is recruiting.

"This won’t end well as Deion’s recruiting approach makes two things clear. No. 1 he is naive to the ways of college football and program building in the Power Five," Farrell wrote. "No. 2 he isn’t there for the long haul. Deion wants a quick fix so he’s ignoring high school recruiting for the portal and that could leave the cupboard very bare if and when he decides to leave."

That if and when Deion leaves part seems realer with each passing day considering the lack of a talent base in tow for when Shedeur and Shilo Sanders and Travis Hunter move on from the University of Colorado following the 2024 season.