Coach Prime addresses his failed marriages in message to Colorado football team

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Coach Prime addressed his failed marriages to Carolyn Chambers and Pilar Sanders during a meeting with the Colorado football team that was posted on YouTube by Well Off Media -- making light of them as he addressed the culture he sees in the Buffs locker room.

“I had two great failed marriages," Coach Prime prefaced before saying, "I am telling you, I know how to do a relationship they are supposed to laugh.

"We have a wonderful team that works with me. It’s not just me; it is a wonderful team that makes sure I am in the right light and I am doing the right thing. When they give me the opportunity, I knock it out of the park because my schedule is crazy. I only do what I want to do, but I do the things that I think will not only benefit me but also benefit you. (In 21 Ways to Win On and Off the Field) I am talking to you like I am coaching you. Like I am your dog, and I am your man, and I am in your corner, and like I am your guy in the corner of that ring."

Coach Prime's personal struggles a lesson for Colorado football team

Deion Sanders has made it clear that he values culture over talent. If not, he wouldn't claim Colorado isn't an ATM, and he certainly wouldn't tout the team's culture over its lackluster results from their one season in Boulder's "Prime Time" era.

Coach Prime's mission has always been to find players who value playing for him and CU over their own personal brands, and a big reason is because Sanders wants his players to learn life lessons from him.

Between having several toes amputated and having two marriages (and an engagement) called off, Sanders has many struggles that he's overcome that his guys can glean from.

And hopefully they do.