Coach Prime calls only son who didn't play for Colorado football 'the real difference-maker'

SMU v Baylor
SMU v Baylor / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

Coach Prime called his only son who didn't play for his Colorado football program, Deion Sanders Jr., the "real difference-maker" in an Instagram post; this due to Coach Prime's oldest son's work with Well Off Media.

“This is the real difference maker in College Sports! (Deion Jr.) is it when it comes to social media regarding a school or player," Coach Prime said (h/t Essentially Sports). “He is the standard! He Loves what he does and does what he loves. He’s creative, innovative, honest, selfless, passionate, intelligent & aware."

Deion Jr. has gotten himself into social media beefs before, but this wasn't that. Instead, this was a wholesome moment between a father and son.

Coach Prime got emotional after Deion Sanders Jr., Colorado football NFL draft prospects Shedeur and Shilo Sanders buy him new house

When Coach Prime's three sons bought him a house in the foothills between Golden and Boulder, he admitted that the act of kindness from his kids made him an emotional father.

"My three sons had the thought process that they wanted me to see this. Because y'all want to make sure I'm straight," Coach Prime said (h/t FOX News).

"For y'all three to want to put it together, just so you'll make sure I'm straight when y'all gone is unbelievable son. It almost provokes a tear. Look at that man. It's one thing to look at the mountains, but it's one thing to be in the mountains. We're in the mountains. You know how much I love water, so just to walk and see this view."

The Sanders kids may have gotten Coach Prime his new long-term home, or it could be a future real estate asset. No one believes Deion when the Buffs head coach says he'll be in Boulder long-term anyway.

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