Coach Prime's Colorado football recruiting violations have nothing on FSU, Tennessee

Florida State Head Coach Mike Martin Honored
Florida State Head Coach Mike Martin Honored / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages

Coach Prime's Colorado football recruiting violations pale in comparison to those from Florida State and Tennessee, writes Denver Sports' Jake Shapiro; who defended Deion Sanders' transfer portal approach in the process.

"What we’re now seeing from the NCAA is the organization somewhat fighting back after several years where many have said the athletics body had lost control between NIL and Portal," Shapiro wrote. "Some would argue their control is unjust to begin with since NIL was birthed out of law forced upon the NCAA and similarly some restrictions in the Portal have been thrown out by courts.

"At the same time that these cases brew, 11 self-reported violations at Colorado were made public last week. All of which were minor and didn’t come close to rising to the level of what Sanders is potentially recruiting against. And despite many jokes about Sanders all-out approach to the portal and how he may use NIL—any rule breaches while he’s been in Boulder so far have been slight."

FSU has lost 18 players to the transfer portal after the NCAA placed sanctions on FSU, assistant coach Alex Atkins, and an unnamed booster for impermissible recruiting activity and facilitating impermissible contact with a NIL-related booster (h/t Tallahassee Democrat).

Per CBS Sports, Tennessee committed major violations related to NIL dealings across multiple sports -- with the case in football centering around quarterback Nico Iamaleava. The Vols have lost 22 players themselves this offseason.

Colorado football beat Tennessee for Jordan Seaton without violations

Jordan Seaton is someone who seems to have bought what Coach Prime was selling him, passing up NIL millions from Tennessee to join the Buffs and play for a coach he was invested in emotionally. Let's not forget his plea to Black recruits to play for a coach who looks like them.

Now knowing he committed to Colorado, which seemingly played things a lot cleaner than Tennessee was, makes Seaton's choice an even bigger victory for the Buffs.