Coach Prime, Colorado football stars Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter pitched for EA Sports College Football cover

Colorado State v Colorado
Colorado State v Colorado / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

Coach Prime and top Colorado football stars Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter were pitched as potential EA Sports College Football 25 cover athlete candidates by Barstool Sports' Big Tennessee on February 14; the day we all became so back.

Hunter, to be clear, was Big Tennessee's top candidate, but the allure of adding all of them made it a group pitch.

"I don't know if EA would go with just one of these guys or a combination of two or all three, but in terms of current players and coaches, this group definitely has the most star power," the Barstool writer prefaced before saying, "In a year where there aren't that many returning stars in college football — and the ones that there are don't have a ton of name recognition or buzz — putting someone like Travis Hunter on the cover makes a ton of sense. And then if EA wants to lean into the entire Colorado angle, you could put Shedeur and Coach Prime on there, too."

Coach Prime teasing involvement from Colorado football in EA Sports College Football 25

Not long after the official EASPORTSCollege tweeted out the official trailer for the upcoming video game, Coach Prime tweeted out that he had ideas for it.

"Wow, it's really happening," Deion Sanders prefaced on X before saying, "I got so many darn ideas."

The Colorado Buffaloes Football Twitter account retweeted a post from Blue Bloods Bias, fueling speculation that Coach Prime will be on the EA Sports College Football 25 cover. Coach Prime knows better than to grace the cover himself -- given the backlash he'd receive and the spotlight he'd be taking from his players -- , so it should be fully expected that if he ends up there, he won't be alone.

A shot of Coach Prime's pregame walk with his son, Shedeur, would make for a great cover. So would one of Hunter's spectacular grabs.

*Insert "Why not both?" meme.*