Coach Prime's credentials being questioned by Colorado football reporter baffling

Dec 4, 2022; Boulder, CO, USA; General view of a place card for Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion
Dec 4, 2022; Boulder, CO, USA; General view of a place card for Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion / Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Prime having his credentials questioned by perhaps soon-to-be-ex-Colorado football reporter Sean Keeler of the Denver Post (subscription required) was deemed baffling by BuffsBeat's Josh Tolle -- who brilliantly took down the reporter and pondered if this was a farewell column deep in the offseason. Or if Keeler simply wants to work remote and not be invited to pressers and events by CU for as long as Deion Sanders is the head football coach in Boulder.

"Keeler says Sanders isn't cut out for the business of coaching sports," Tolle prefaced before saying, "One of the greatest players in NFL history with enough clout to demand an 'upper room' in Canton, but somehow isn't meant to be right where he's at is baffling.

"It's clear to say Keeler is either planning on taking his next job or will be covering CU athletics from the confines of his couch next year. Because launching nukes doesn't build bridges."

Well folks, looks like we've got ourselves a good old fashioned beat war.

Coach Prime condescendingly deemed ideal politician by Colorado football reporter

Keeler took his attacks at Coach Prime furthest when he accused Sanders of being an ideal potential politician.

"If Coach Prime wanted to run for governor, he’d kill it," Keeler wrote. "Rallies for breakfast. Adoring fans for miles. No NCAA. No recruiting rules. No pesky Washington States to hammer you senseless in the cold. No Stanford to hand you a hubris sandwich. No scoreboard staring back with an inconvenient truth you can’t bend to fit the company narrative."

The hate is deep for Keeler to have accused Coach Prime of being the perfect fit for the most corrupt profession possible. Let me ask though: where is the in-the-weeds objective analysis? This reads like an angry message board comment. Reporters unleashing scathing editorials like this blurs the lines when there's actual news to be reported.

And CU building a second straight top-five transfer class, not to mention landing big-fish 5-star OT Jordan Seaton as their crown jewel offensive lineman, is news worth covering. Not insults hurled at a head coach who hasn't had a chance to shift any narratives during a recruiting dead period.