Coach Prime evokes name of NBA legend in fiery Colorado football speech

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Coach Prime evoked the name of NBA legend Magic Johnson during a fiery speech to his Colorado football locker room; referencing the Lansing, Michigan's rise from humble beginnings to becoming one of the consensus top-10 players in the history of the sport.

“You know Magic had to be Magic several years down the street before he got whatever he had now," Deion Sanders said in a moment captured by Reach The People Media (h/t Essentially Sports). "You guys want it right now and you can’t really handle that light and handle the adversity and handle the trials and tribulations and you’re not really ready for that because you just came out the womb.”

Coach Prime has gone on record saying that he loves Magic.

“I love you and he’s a great human being, no doubt, Magic, we love you man," Sanders said. “Shout out to most coaches, want to say that but I keep him on 100 all time. Shout out to my man, Magic. Magic is a legend.”

Coach Prime bringing notoriety to Colorado football as celebrity head coach

Even the best head coaches in college football never came close to bringing mainstream attention to their schools like Coach Prime has brought Colorado. Johnny Manziel has said he'd send his son to CU to play for him, The Rock has appeared on the University of Colorado's campus, and rappers like Lil Wayne, Offset, Jay-Z, and Snoop Dogg have shown up at Buffs games.

"Prime Time" isn't a gimmick. It's a lifestyle.

And to those who'd point out that Alabama had Kid Rock, Donald Trump, and Shaquille O'Neal at Bryant-Denny Stadium, ask yourself: would they be there if Alabama was coming off a one-win season?

If nothing else, Colorado is a team the masses can't help but paying attention to.