Coach Prime should be ignored for how Colorado football HC contradicts himself: Analyst

Oregon State v Colorado
Oregon State v Colorado / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

Coach Prime should be ignored for all the contradictions the Colorado football head coach constantly spouts, writes Deadspin's Carron J. Phillips.

"While it should be understood that this is nothing but a way to keep himself and his program relevant and a crazy sound bite from a coach that should be ignored, it’s hard to do given the way Sanders often contradicts himself," Phillips prefaced before saying, "For instance, this is the same man who said he wished they 'had a little more privacy' last season because 'You can’t just want everyone there when the hype machine is rolling.'

"This is also the same man who claimed that Warren Sapp was joining his coaching staff — despite his past."

The irony cannot be lost here. Phillips is the same writer who attempted to smear a child during a Kansas City Chiefs game for painting his face and has come under fire for his unsupported and unsubstantiated accusations. Towards a child.

Coach Prime hypocritical for Colorado football ATM comments

Now, obviously the Coach Prime needing to be ignored sentiment is bulljunk. But Phillips isn't all wrong when it comes to Deion Sanders having hypocritical tendencies. One in particular is a bit hard to swallow, too.

On one hand, CU has two of the top five highest-paid athletes in college sports in Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter. On the other hand, you have Sanders making claims that Colorado isn't an ATM to prospective recruits.

"We’re not an ATM. That’s not gonna happen here,” Sanders told on November 21 (h/t Clarion Ledger). “If you come to Colorado to play football for me and the Colorado Buffaloes, it’s because you really want to play football and receive a wonderful education.

“All the business stuff will be handled on the backend. But we are not an ATM. You’re not coming here to get rich unless you’re really coming here with a plan to go to the NFL and get your degree. Not to come here and be Moneybagg Yo. That’s a rapper, right?”

Jordan Seaton didn't come from nowhere. Tennessee had millions to offer but he still ended up a Buff. Sanders seems hypocritical here, and maybe wanted a soundbite more than to tell the truth in that moment.