Coach Prime rival could be fired if he doesn't beat Colorado football in 2024: Analyst

Colorado State head coach Jay Norvell reacts during a college football game against Colorado at
Colorado State head coach Jay Norvell reacts during a college football game against Colorado at / Lucas Boland/The Coloradoan / USA TODAY

The pressure is now on Colorado State head coach Jay Norvell to knock off Coach Prime's Colorado football program after The Denver Post's Sean Keeler (subscription required) claimed it's a must for Norvell to stay in charge in Fort Collins.

I mean, look at this headline:

"Beat Deion. Because if Jay Norvell can notch CSU’s first Rocky Mountain Showdown win since 2014, the load of those first two seasons lightens considerably."

That's a wildly long headline that not only doesn't follow AP Style but adds a significant amount of hype to the 2024 Rocky Mountain Showdown; one that, after last season's, may not need any extra added hype.

Jay Norvell made Colorado State-Colorado football rivalry personal with potshot at Coach Prime

Keeler's proclamation that the game could determine major personnel decisions for CSU -- a relevant topic given the Rams' dismissal of AD Joe Parker -- notwithstanding, the Colorado State-Colorado rematch on September 14 already had juice due to the 43-35 double-overtime thriller at Folsom Field last season.

Oh, and Norvell's insinuation that Coach Prime wasn't raised right.

"I sat down with ESPN today," Norvell said on September 13 (h/t BuffsBeat). "I don't care if they hear it in Boulder. I told them, I took my hat off and I took my glasses off. I said when I talk to grown ups, I take my hat off and my glasses off. That's what my mother taught me. (Colorado's) not going to like us no matter what we say or do."

Norvell's comments sparked a reaction from Shedeur Sanders, which then sparked a reaction from Norvell's wife after the season. The build-up to the Rocky Mountain Showdown prompted a full-on war of words from the Norvell and Sanders family, with Coach Prime's mother, Connie Knight, punctuating it in the locker room after CU's comeback win with a speech.

Whether or not Norvell's job depends on it -- and eight wins in his first two seasons coaching the Rams may make that a reality for all we know --, the 2024 Rocky Mountain Showdown is undoubtedly one of Colorado's most important games (again) on the schedule.