Coach Prime sends stern message to NFL teams on his two-way Colorado football star

SiriusXM at Super Bowl LVIII – Feb 8
SiriusXM at Super Bowl LVIII – Feb 8 / Cindy Ord/GettyImages

Coach Prime let the NFL know that whichever teams drafts his two-way Colorado football star, Travis Hunter, needs to allow him to play as both a cornerback and receiver at the next level after he gets drafted in 2025.

"NFL got a problem," Coach Prime said of Hunter (h/t Bleacher Report). "What you gonna draft him as? And... he's gotta play both ways. 'Cause he has value on both sides of the ball."

Hunter could be ready for immediate playing time in the NFL, just as he was ready for immediate playing time on Collins Hill's varsity team as a freshman. Eagles head coach Drew Swick told DNVR's Jake Schwanitz that the first time he laid eyes on Hunter, he knew he was seeing a future star.

"When somebody says we’ve got a freshman that’s ready to play varsity right now you’re like okay, let’s see," Swick prefaced before saying, "He came from Florida, he was a freak and I remember we had a really good receiver that year when he first got here he was able to kind of shut him down, and take over a senior’s spot at cornerback. It was like watching a future star.”

Coach Prime claims two Colorado football players, Travis Hunter and Shedeur Sanders, will go No. 1 and No. 2 in 2025 NFL draft

Coach Prime nonchalantly proclaimed that Hunter and his son, Shedeur Sanders, would go No. 1 and No. 2 overall in the 2025 NFL draft.

“We got, proposedly, the first and second pick of the whole draft, Sheduer and Travis, so every NFL scout is coming, but they’re not just gonna come for that, because I want them to see the smorgasbord of players that we have and the operation that we have,” Deion Sanders said (h/t USA Today).

For the team that ends up with Hunter, they'll essentially be getting two top picks for each side of the ball. That's quite the draw, but Shedeur's franchise-changing potential under center is as well.

You can't go wrong next year if you find your team with a top-two NFL draft pick.