Coach Prime sends strong message of support for Lil Wayne to perform at Super Bowl LIX in New Orleans

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Coach Prime made it clear who he wants to see perform at the Super Bowl LIX halftime show in New Orleans in 2025: Lil Wayne, who performed on the University of Colorado's campus ahead of the 2023 Rocky Mountain Showdown against Colorado State.

"NFL, I fully expect (Lil Wayne) to be apart of the 2025 (Super Bowl) in New Orleans," Deion Sanders tweeted during the Super Bowl LVIII halftime show featuring Usher. "Thank you in advance. Much Love, Coach Prime."

Just like Coach Prime never doubts Wayne, having gifted him Unreleased Nike Air DT '96 Sneakers on February 10, the rapper proclaimed back in September that he similarly never doubted the Colorado coach right after their 3-0 start.

“I never doubt Unc,” Wayne relayed to Billboard. “I would never doubt him. I think if you were to ask me that question before the season or even before that day I walked in there, I think I probably would have said the same thing. I would have said I could see them at 3-0. I spoke to him that night [when I visited him in February], and his confidence was through the roof, past the stars and the moon.”

Coach Prime: I love Lil Wayne 'like a son'

Coach Prime told Billboard that he loved Lil Wayne like a son, much in the same way he's adopted some of his Colorado recruits like Travis Hunter.

"I love Wayne to life like a friend and a son,” Sanders told Billboard. “I understand his gift and his heart. I see one of the best human beings I’ve ever known well beyond the stage and the handclaps of life.”

From this writer's point of view, tweeting out his support in the middle of the biggest sporting event (and television advertising showcase) of the year proves Sanders' love for Wayne.