Coach Prime's sons gifting Colorado football HC mansion deemed 'bittersweet' moment

2023 Sports Illustrated Sportsperson Of The Year Award And The Prime Video World Premiere Of "Coach
2023 Sports Illustrated Sportsperson Of The Year Award And The Prime Video World Premiere Of "Coach / Tom Cooper/GettyImages

Coach Prime's sons (Shedeur, Shilo, Deion Jr.) buying the Colorado football head coach a mansion in the mountains outside of Boulder was deemed by BuffsBeat's Jeff Hauser to be a "bittersweet" moment considering it's the last major gesture the family will have together before going their separate ways in the NFL.

"It was a bittersweet moment as Sanders realized this would be the last year for his sons to be together," Hauser prefaced before saying, "Shilo and Shedeur will be entering the NFL Draft after next season and leave the nest. It will be the first time in the career of CU's 'Grown' QB that he'll be without his father as a coach."

Deion Sanders was nearly moved to tears by the gesture; waxing poetic on how his three boys touched his heart by setting him up for when they have taken their talents elsewhere.

"You know what's awesome, though? My three sons had the thought process that they wanted me to see this, because you all want to make sure I'm straight," Sanders said.

"You guys are chipping in trying to help me. I like that. Y'all are natural givers. For y'all three to want to put it together... So y'all make sure I'm straight when you're gone is unbelievable."

Coach Prime only leaving Colorado football to be with kids

Perhaps Coach Prime's kids bought him the Boulder home with the purpose of ensuring he stays at CU when Shedeur and Shilo move onto the NFL following the 2024 college football season this coming fall. Coach Prime has mentioned that being with his kids is the one way he'd ever bolt from the Buffs.

“The only scenario you could come up with right now is to throw my kids in," Coach Prime told RG3 on his "RG3 and the Ones" podcast. "That’s the only thing you can do, and I know that’s where you were going because I know you.”

If the "Daddy Ball" accusations toward Coach Prime were a real thing, perhaps Shedeur and Shilo would've held off buying a home until they found their next football home.

Or is it that those accusations are why the Sanders sons wanted to keep their dad in Boulder and not have that cloud hanging over their heads if/when they achieve success at the professional level too; this after spectacular showings with Jackson State and Colorado football that weren't fully recognized for their greatness due to that very scenario.