Coach Prime sticks up for CU custodial staff in stern message to his Colorado football team

Deion Sanders walks the field during warmups before Colorado's game against Oregon.
Deion Sanders walks the field during warmups before Colorado's game against Oregon. / Ben Lonergan / USA TODAY NETWORK

Coach Prime wouldn't allow his Colorado football players to continue to disrespect CU's custodial staff, sending a stern message to his guys on what will happen if this behavior continues.

"This is ridiculous, right," Sanders said (h/t Sportskeeda). "Who's supposed to clean that up? Who's supposed to clean that up? Once you go to the bathroom after practice, make sure there's nothing on there. If we catch one piece of toilet paper on the seat and not flushed, everyone is gonna come back to the complex, we are gonna run.”

Deion Sanders is not afraid to discipline his players for not showing behavior exemplary of the culture he's trying to build at the University of Colorado.

Cormani McClain got perhaps the brightest spotlight shown on him back in September before even making his debut. Coach Prime revealed that McClain had been showing up late to practices and meetings, leading to his delayed debut. McClain got out of Deion's doghouse by season's end, but many were shocked he even returned.

This offseason alone, Coach Prime has already dismissed two players for not meeting CU's standard: Tar'varish Dawson and Bishop Thomas. Expect that number to go up by the end of spring practice and the Black and Gold spring game.

Coach Prime setting strong example at Colorado football

What Coach Prime has done on and off the field has been noticed by the closest people in his life. His oldest son and CU hype man, Deion Sanders Jr., revealed that what his father is doing in Boulder is his life's greatest work.

“I’ve seen him do a lot of great things but it’s nothing compared to what he’s doing now," Sanders Jr. said (h/t Essentially Sports).

While most like to focus on the wins, losses, lowlights, and transfer portal turnover, perhaps the most important thing he's doing is setting an example as a disciplinarian, a molder of men, and a loving leader in the lives of his players.