Coach Prime gives update on star Colorado football transfer's spring ball status

Coach Prime gave an update on his closest star Colorado football transfer's spring ball status.

USC v Colorado
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Coach Prime relayed on December 18 during a Zoom call with The Associated Press that Shedeur Sanders will be available for Colorado football during spring ball after taking enough of a beating to have to sit out against Utah in Week 13 of the 2023 season.

“Oh yeah, most definitely," Sanders said of Shedeur playing spring ball. "He will be. He just needs some rest and to heal up a little bit because he took a tremendous beating. And that provoked some things in me to do some things differently because the beating that he took — sometimes people forgot that I’m not only his coach, but that’s my son — so I understand that’s not how this is supposed to go."

Deion Sanders shared that his son approves of the work Coach Prime and new Buffs offensive line coach Phil Loadholt did to put better protection in front of him via the transfer portal and the surprise commitment of Jordan Seaton.

“He’s elated, but more so than anything, he’s thinking football, he’s thinking, 'OK, now we have more balance, now we get to display a running game. You got eight men in the box trying to stop the run. Now you got 1-on-1s on the outside,'" Coach Prime said while role-playing his son.

Shedeur Sanders wanted to finish season with Colorado football teammates

Shedeur wanted to finish the 2023 season no matter what his injury status was, as Coach Prime said on November 17 after a 56-14 loss to Wazzu.

“Shedeur is not that kind of player that he wants to shut down,” Coach Prime said (h/t BuffZone). “He wants to finish with his teammates, I’m pretty sure. I haven’t talked to him about it, but I’m pretty sure he wants to finish.”

Ultimately, Shedeur's injury gave the Buffs to chance to see what they had in Ryan Staub; somehow almost winning despite being a three-touchdown underdog coming in. But Colorado being without Shedeur during the spring would've been nothing short of disastrous.

Crisis averted.