Colorado football alum is so bullish on Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter that he predicted Big 12 contention

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Colorado football alum-turned FOX Sports analyst Joel Klatt is so bullish on the development of Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter that he predicted the Buffs to contend for the Big 12 championship this Fall.

"There is a scenario where if Shedeur Sanders is healthy, and they maintain some of that health with guys on the outside, Travis Hunter, who I think is one of if not the best overall player in college football, there’s a chance that Colorado’s competing to go to the Big 12 Championship Game," Klatt said on The Herd (h/t AthlonSports).

"I would just make the argument that when evaluating Colorado, you can't just evaluate them in the current state of the race. Now, I think the play on the field is going to start to catch up with some of the expectations...I think that Colorado can win eight games. I think that they can double their win total from a year ago."

Colorado football program's status is unclear in Big 12 heirarchy

Colorado may or may not be in contention during their return campaign in the Big 12. For all we know, they could end up at or near the bottom of the standings again despite jumping to an inferior conference to what the PAC-12 was in 2023.

Shedeur and Hunter are, as Klatt said, the biggest drivers of potential contention. If CU is at the top of the standings, a rebuilt offensive line will be a major factor, as would a not-last-place running game. The defense improved under Charles Kelly in 2023 as the season went on, but the secondary was somehow a weakness despite myriad talent. Robert Livingston has to make sure his DBs rise to the occasion in an offense-heavy Big 12.

And that's just the thing. With Kansas State, Arizona, UCF, and Oklahoma State -- and potentially Utah if Cam Rising returns to his former glory --, the Big 12 is stocked with gunslingers who can nullify all the points Shedeur powers the offense to. Some would even say Shedeur will be in over his head in the Big 12.

Again, who knows. Few teams changed things around as much as Colorado did this offseason. Where they stand in the Big 12 is impossible to until the games are played.