Colorado football: Deion speaks out on Bama players and team whose coach will join Tide after Nick Saban retirement

Colorado v UCLA
Colorado v UCLA / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders spoke out on all of the Alabama players who are now in shock that Nick Saban retired, as well as the players whose coach will leave their team and take the Crimson Tide job, in a statement he shared to 247Sports' Carl Reed Jr.

"I'm sad that we lost a legend who still had more to give, but the changing nature of the game intervened," Sanders stated in a message similar to his previous one tweeted out within half an hour of the Saban retirement news dropping.

"We will see the stability of the players tested on both sides: the players at Alabama, who are devastated and in shock after losing the greatest coach of all time, and the players who will be shocked in the coming days when they lose their coach to Alabama. When looking at both sides of this coin, you have to be a winner and understand clearly the responsibility that comes with that. You also must consider whether you can handle the moments of the stage you privately desire, or the pressure of the monument that Coach Saban has established."

Sanders had echoed a similar sentiment during his initial tribute to/statement on his long-time Aflac promotional co-star's exit from college football.

“WOW! College Football just lost the GOAT to retirement," Coach Prime prefaced before exclaiming, "Wow! I knew it would happen (one) day soon but not this soon. The game has change(d) so much that it chased the GOAT away. College football let's hold up our mirrors and say HONESTLY what (do you) see.”

Shedeur Sanders already recruiting Alabama players to Colorado football

Shedeur Sanders met with Saban in June 2019 for an official visit and the Alabama Crimson Tide camp, but he ultimately was never taking any offer seriously that wasn't his father's at Jackson State. There's not the same relationship with Saban for Shedeur that his father has.

Hence, Sanders didn't wait a full hour before tweeting out a message to current Crimson Tide players now without a coaching G.O.A.T. leading the charge.

Colorado will almost assuredly be one of the many teams to benefit from Saban's retirement, though it goes without saying that having Charles Kelly on staff would've been helpful right now.