Colorado football could have enticing NIL opportunities due to NCAA transfer rules

Colorado football could have enticing NIL opportunities due to the NCAA's temporarily changed transfer rules, says one analyst.
Colorado v Arizona State
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The Messenger's Jackson Thompson believes Colorado football will have "enticing" NIL offers to prospective Buffs recruits from the high school ranks and, especially, the transfer portal, given the NCAA's recent transfer rules.

"Despite a year full of challenges, both on the field and on the recruiting trail with several decommits, Sanders has a degree of momentum he didn’t have last offseason," Thompson prefaced before saying, "He has now shined a bright national spotlight on Colorado as a program, and with that may come enticing NIL opportunities to players who can now transfer more freely after the NCAA’s recent overturning of eligibility penalties for athletes who transfer multiple times."

Front Office Sports' Amanda Christovich (subscription required) broke down the NCAA's situation; one resolved on December 15 that gives every player in the country a free transfer without penalty regardless of if he had transferred before.

"On Friday, the NCAA agreed to extend the prohibition of transfer restrictions through the end of the entire 2023-24 spring sports season," Christovich prefaced before saying, "The decision is an agreement between the governing body and lawyers in Ohio et al v. NCAA. A trial will take place afterward.

"The original order, signed on Wednesday, blocked the NCAA from enforcing its multi-year transfer restriction for 14 days. The NCAA was also prohibited from enforcing a Rule of Restitution during this time, which would allow it to vacate wins or records from athletes who played during the 14 days if the ruling was ultimately reversed."

Coach Prime previously said Colorado football wasn't an ATM regarding NIL

Coach Prime had spoken out against Colorado being a major NIL player before the Buffs' 2023 finale against Utah in Week 13.

"We’re not an ATM — that’s not going to happen here,” Sanders said during a November 21 press conference. “If you come to Colorado to play football for me and the Colorado Buffaloes, it’s because you really want to play football and receive a wonderful education, and all the business stuff will be handled on the back end if that’s the case. But we are not an ATM.”