Colorado football HC Deion Sanders deemed perfect coach to lead Dallas Cowboys

Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys
Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders was deemed the perfect Mike McCarthy replacement at the helm of the Dallas Cowboys in 2025 and beyond by The Wright Way Network's Marissa Myers.

Myers cited Sanders' "calmness" on the sidelines for why he would be ideal for Jerry Jones's franchise.

"A key factor in this turnaround is with the factor of Sanders having played for the Cowboys," Myers prefaced before saying, "Dallas hasn’t won the Super Bowl since Sanders was on the team, and what better way to get back to that than with the former cornerback leading the way knowing what it takes to get there. Sanders had 14 interceptions and 148 solo tackles during his five-year career there.

"Sanders’ style of coaching is one that helps boost teams with his calmness. He will still be passionate when he needs to be to get the team fired up, but whenever the Colorado Buffaloes were down he stayed composed to lead them, and that is reflected on the field with the players. His connection that he creates with players is crucial, and in losses he showed the ability to take accountability and use the failures as learning lessons for the team."

Another day, another outlandish scenario pitched for Deion Sanders to leave Colorado football

Some in media circles feel Sanders may be reaching the end of the line in Boulder and could retire from coaching once his sons leave for the NFL with his daughter Shelomi having already transferred from CU for Alabama A&M. No one in media circles thinks that a jump to the NFL is within reason.

For some reason, the Cowboys rumor persists. It's as ridiculous, if not much more so, than the idea of him leaving for Mississippi State or Florida -- the latter of which has minimal legs but is something Sanders' mentor Willie Taggart has at least suggested -- since Colorado still hasn't had a winning season with Coach Prime leading the charge.

The 2024 season could determine whether or not Sanders has the patience to coach at the Power Conference level. If he's worn out by season's end like he was at the end of the 2023 season, when he admitted November was the toughest time in his life, he may just decide to walk away.

That walk definitely won't lead to the Cowboys, though.