Colorado football HC Deion Sanders sticks up for good friend LeBron James on Twitter

Deion Sanders stuck up for his good friend LeBron James when a troll mocked the "king" for the Lakers' offseason thus far
Deion Sanders stuck up for his good friend LeBron James when a troll mocked the "king" for the Lakers' offseason thus far / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders wasn't going to let a Twitter troll mocking Coach Prime's good friend, LeBron James, for not being able to recruit Tyrese Maxey, Klay Thompson, or Paul George to the Los Angeles Lakers in NBA free agency go unaddressed.

Sanders replied "This AIN'T right!" to the video.

James was accused of not being the old LeBron.

If anything, James is suffering from the same issues his first Cleveland Cavaliers stint faced: a lack of supporting cast, though at least on the Lakers, he has another top 75 player of all time in Anthony Davis. He's four years removed from his last championship at this point, and while free agency didn't bring any All-Stars to L.A. -- and to be clear, Maxey was off the table because of cap space and George was off the table because the Los Angeles Clippers weren't going to accept a sign-and-trade without a player like Davis in the proposal -- he does now have stud Tennessee shooter Dalton Knecht and his son Bronny to rejuvenate his surroundings.

Within 10 minutes of Sanders' message, it was announced that James signed a two-year, $104 million contract to stay with the Lakers that includes a no-trade clause.

Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders and LeBron James's sons being compared from nepotism perspective

Deion and LeBron are the two most famous sports dads in the world right now. Near or at the top of the G.O.A.T. conversations in their respective sports at their positions, the two have the most polarizing sons in sports: Shedeur Sanders and Bronny James.

Andscape's William C. Rhoden recently suggested that Bronny is far easier to classify as a product of nepotism than Shedeur.

" the ethos of competitive sports, where merit truly matters, I wonder whether LeBron James — in his quest for posterity — has done his son a disservice in the long run," Rhoden prefaced before saying, "Will his son carry the invisible weight of being a fraud?

"That’s one burden Shedeur Sanders, Deion Sanders’ youngest son, won’t have to carry. He knows he’s earned it. This time next year, Shedeur Sanders will have walked across the stage at the NFL draft to shake NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s hand as a likely first-round pick, maybe one of the first quarterbacks taken in the draft. Whether he is or isn’t won’t be because of his father’s lobbying."

Shedeur will have his own expectations to navigate in front of an NFL audience when the time comes, but most will feel he belonged. Many NBA fans believe Bronny would be an undrafted free agent at best if his name wasn't LeBron James Jr.

Truthfully, his cardiac episode was what has many thinking Bronny doesn't belong. He was trending as a first-round pick before his season at USC had a delayed debut and ultimately sputtered due to those issues and a lack of continuity in a program that was on its last legs with Andy Enfield.