Colorado football left out of SEC and Big Ten in analyst's reimagined super-league

Indiana v Purdue
Indiana v Purdue / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

Colorado football may be "Prime Time," but On3's Andy Staples doesn't believe they're B1G-time -- or that It Just Means More in Boulder. Staples left the Buffs out of his reimagined super-league that featured a bigger and better SEC and Big Ten.

To add insult to injury, Staples believes that Arizona and ASU would have a case to be in the league; not so much as mentioning Colorado at all.

"As for who made the cut and who didn’t, I sincerely apologize if your team isn’t listed," Staples prefaced before saying, "I can’t imagine major college football without N.C. State, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Kansas State and Utah. So I found places for those teams. But in the real world one or two of those might get bumped for Arizona, Arizona State or both."

Though I suppose that's better than catching the sort of stray Vanderbilt or Indiana caught...

"Let’s also be realistic and assume the Big Ten and SEC won’t be kicking out anyone currently residing in the league," Staples prefaced before saying, "That’s going to frustrate fans who think their team deserves a spot over, say, Indiana or Vanderbilt. Leagues kicking out teams is probably less likely than the biggest brands leaving to form their own league."

Colorado football still seen as expendable with lackluster recent history

No one in their right mind would've made the case for Colorado to be included in such a list before Coach Prime came around. If anything, CU would've more likely moved in the direction of not having a team at all before being part of a college football monolith like this.

Now, though, the power of "Prime Time" gets the job done because the money talks. Coach Prime arguably got CU into the Big 12. Why not sneak the Buffs into the Big Ten? I mean, Nebraska is good enough for that conference...