Colorado football offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur's schemes lauded by potential RB1

Denver Broncos Training Camp
Denver Broncos Training Camp / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

Full-time Colorado football offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur's schemes were lauded by potential breakout candidate ahead of the 2024 season, running back Alton McCaskill IV; who took a redshirt in 2023 following a transfer from Houston.

“I can tell you our run game is a little bit more diverse than what it was last year, for sure,” McCaskill said (h/t BuffZone). “We have a variety of run plays now. Our passing concepts are a little bit different, as well, too.

“I think he has a real pro mindset and that’s where he sees everyone. I think he’s gonna be really big on like personnel and calling plays for people specifically, and knowing who’s in and working with those people for specific plays.”

Pat Shurmur's Colorado football offensive coordinator salary

As Howell revealed on February 19, Shurmur, along with first-year defensive coordinator Robert Livingston will be the highest-paid coach on a record-breaking Buffs coaching staff.

"Shurmur signed a two-year deal worth $1.65 million," Howell prefaced before saying, "He will be paid $800,000 this year and $850,000 in 2025. He replaces Sean Lewis, who left CU in December to become the head coach at San Diego State. Lewis was slated to make $900,000 this year had he stayed."

While Livingston feels like a potential long-time Buffs fixture given his youth and the loyalty he may feel to Coach Prime after finally receiving a chance to be a coordinator after nine years with the Cincinnati Bengals organization, Shurmur could have a situation similar to Sean Lewis's last season. Coach Prime admitted that Lewis was always designed to be a one-and-done in Boulder to springboard from CU offensive coordinator to become head coach somewhere once again. San Diego State hired Lewis this offseason to fill their coaching vacancy on November 29, shortly after the 2023 season ended.