Colorado football one-and-done transfer cut by Coach Prime reveals next steps

USC v Colorado
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Colorado football one-and-done transfer Tar'Varish Dawson, who was cut by Coach Prime ahead of 2024 spring practice, revealed the next steps in his collegiate career: another visit to the transfer portal, something he's entered three times since the end of the 2022 season.

"I'm disappointed that I'm no longer with my teammates at Colorado," Dawson told BuffsBeat. "It's an unfortunate situation, but I'm excited for my future and being able to take my talents elsewhere. I'm thankful for the opportunity Coach Prime and his staff gave me in Boulder. I'm just a kid from Fort Myers like he was and it means a lot. With that said, I'm ready to work and will be entering the transfer portal this spring."

As BuffsBeat's Jeff Hauser writes, there was speculation about the former Auburn (and now CU) receiver when he wasn't listed on Colorado's official roster.

"Many speculated about Dawson's status with the team after he was left off Colorado's spring roster last week," Hauser prefaced before saying, "He was listed at the fourth option on the Buffs unofficial depth chart going into offseason conditioning drills."

What's next for Colorado football transfer Tar'Varish Dawson

Dawson is most certainly not going to return to Auburn, which hired Hugh Freeze and saw a total cultural overhaul since November 2022; the process being similar to Coach Prime's at Colorado, though not the results in any conceivable way.

A more realistic option would be to finally give Cincinnati and Bearcats head coach Scott Satterfield a chance after he committed for nine days in April 2023.

Shockingly enough, Bishop Thomas, who was thought to have been cut from the team, was listed on the roster. Dawson didn't appear to be at risk of being cut, especially given his public invitation to Kadyn Proctor to come to Colorado in January.