Colorado football QB Shedeur Sanders a high-end Baker Mayfield, low-end Russell Wilson

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FanSided's John Buhler sees Colorado football QB Shedeur Sanders as a high-end Baker Mayfield and/or a low-end Russell Wilson -- not as the Tom Brady-Mike Vick hybrid the "Grown QB" sees himself as.

Buhler also compared Shedeur to peer Cam Ward, who he worked out with earlier in the offseason, and denied the notion of any Drew Brees comparison.

"To me, Sanders is pretty similar to what Cam Ward was at Washington and Incarnate Word before that, now at Miami," Buhler prefaced before saying, "From a professional comp, I think Sanders can be a high-end Baker Mayfield or a lower-end Russell Wilson. Don't give me a Drew Brees comp ever. Those are worthless!"

Buhler, like anyone who has watched football from the early 2000s to now, denied Shedeur saying he had attributes from Vick and TB12's skillsets.

More specifically, Shedeur said he was a "mixture" and proceeded to reel off things about both that some would say doesn't apply to him at all; particularly the parts about being a dual-threat playmaker like Vick.

"I'm a mixture," Sanders said (h/t Falcon Report). "I'm able to stay in the pocket and want to deliver the ball each and every play like Brady but be able to extend plays and if it's not there, take it like Vick."

Colorado football QB Shedeur Sanders must focus on being the first Shedeur Sanders

All of these comparisons don't mean much in the grand scheme. Many of the greats shun such comparisons, and in many ways, it'd behoove Shedeur to do the same.

Colorado has been a victim of Coach Prime's high expectations thus far, and it's led to eaten crow. Shedeur is playing an even more dangerous game by likening himself to some of the greatest QBs to ever lace up a pair of cleats.

Instead of being Brady looking downfield or Vick scrambling out of a broken pocket, Shedeur needs to be Shedeur. He has the skill set to stand on his own. He has zip on his throws and gets rid of the ball quickly when receivers are open.

No need to bring anyone else's name into it.