Colorado football QB Shedeur Sanders once again draws comparison to ex-second-round draft pick

Colorado football QB Shedeur Sanders continues to draw comparisons to Geno Smith
Colorado football QB Shedeur Sanders continues to draw comparisons to Geno Smith / Chet Strange-USA TODAY Sports

Colorado football QB Shedeur Sanders was compared to the 2013 NFL draft's No. 39 pick and current Seattle Seahawks starter Geno Smith by's Daniel Jeremiah ahead of the 2024 season.

Jeremiah projected Shedeur to have Pro Bowl upside but not be the league's best player, like Smith, in his NFL career.

"Like Smith during his time with the Mountaineers, Sanders plays in a wide-open college offense that showcases his polish as a passer," Jeremiah wrote. "Both Smith and Sanders have beautiful throwing motions and deliver a firm/catchable ball. While each is capable of taking the free yards presented in the run game, neither is dynamic as a ball carrier.

"Following a long, rocky start to this NFL career, Smith blossomed into a Pro Bowl quarterback. I see similar upside in Sanders."

Colorado football QB Shedeur Sanders continues to draw comparisons to Geno Smith's best traits

Shedeur and Smith both stand at six-foot-two, nearly identical heights for QBs. They lack brute force and don't initiate contact because of it, but are crafty enough to get situationally savvy gains on the ground to keep drives going.

The one thing that continues to draw attention, and subsequently, comparisons to Smith, though, is Shedeur's accuracy and arm strength.

Pro Football Network's Ian Cummings relayed frequently hearing Smith's name come up as Shedeur's pro comp. He also stressed the importance of CU's rebuilt offensive line picking up the slack from a woefully underperforming group in 2023.

"Sanders’ lack of clean pockets made him skittish with his mechanics down the stretch at times, but with his smooth athleticism, crisp accuracy and touch, and easy arm talent, Sanders has drawn comparisons to Seahawks Pro Bowl QB Geno Smith," Cummings prefaced before saying, "With any luck, an improved offensive line in 2024 can help Sanders hit the next level as a prospect — because he has the talent to be a top-three pick."

Before Sanders' NFL career becomes the headline grabber in whatever city he ends up in and across ESPN, FOX Sports, and any other sports-related airwaves, he has a critical campaign ahead in 2024 leading the Buffs back into the Big 12.