Colorado football QB Shedeur Sanders swipes Bears in defense of Justin Fields

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

Colorado football quarterback Shedeur Sanders defended Justin Fields during a February 9 appearance on Super Bowl Radio Row with Yahoo Sports' Matt Harmon; in the process, swiping the Chicago Bears for not giving the former Ohio State star a proper system to thrive in under center.

"There's a lot of stuff that goes into it," Sanders said when asked by Harmon about what he thought about Fields' underwhelming track record in Chicago. "You got to have-- you got to have a right team. Like, a lot of-- you just got to put them in the right system, or right anything, or, you know, give them help, and then everything will be fine."

Sanders also listed Tom Brady and Brett Favre as inspirations for his QB work, but he's been asked plenty about the former and probably doesn't want to address the latter considering what Favre was doing with state funds improperly when the pair were in Mississippi together.

Shedeur Sanders confident about Colorado football offensive coordinator hire Pat Shurmur

Sanders shouted out newly hired offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur, whose hiring was made official on February 9, during an interview with the DNVR Buffs crew.

"You got a great receivers coach that's going to everything they need to do, we got great OC, Coach Shurmur, he's gonna do everything, there's no reason for us not to succeed," Sanders said. "You got the linemen, you got the relationships, you got everything. That's the biggest thing, to really be out there and caring for each other and not really having hate on the team."

Sanders covered just about every facet of the offense. The running backs have much to prove in 2024 after a quiet showing in 2023 and wasn't as stocked up on like the receiving corps and offensive line were in the offseason, but for Sanders to truly thrive, that group will need to show up.

If the culture is how Sanders described, Colorado should see that aspect of the game naturally improve as well.