Colorado football can have record number of players drafted to NFL in 2025

Colorado football can have a record number of players drafted to the NFL in 2025, says one analyst.

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BuffsBeat's Josh Tolle believes that Coach Prime's Colorado football program could see a record number of NFL draft picks in the league come the 2025 draft; the current record being 11 during the 1976 draft.

"While this first group of players (Xavier Weaver, Derrick McLendon, Rodrick Ward, Taijh Alston, Jordan Domineck, and Juwan Mitchell) find their way to the league, this is a great start for what Coach Prime and CU want to be," Tolle prefaced before saying, "Yes, think of how Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia, and Michigan market their players for the professional ranks. Just a few of the powerhouses but they all have a vision beyond playing on Saturdays. For Sanders, he is looking to turn CU into that new powerhouse and one that can send numerous players to the NFL within the first two rounds. 

"The Buffs have 12 alums currently playing in the league with five of them as starters for their respective teams. A few outstanding ones coming in 2025. Two-way star Travis Hunter and QB Shedeur Sanders should hear their names called in the first round. Add in safety Shilo Sanders, Jimmy Horn Jr., and some of the new players like Tyler Johnson into the mix. Colorado could have a record number of players drafted into the league next year."

Establishing talent factory the best way to sustain Colorado football after Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter leave

So much of the focus for Colorado has been on Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter since Coach Prime took over in December 2022, but how will the Buffs survive the loss of their one-man-offense and the most talented two-way star to grace the sport since Deion Sanders himself?

Well one way would be to establish the NFL talent factory Tolle opined about.

Players don't define programs, but coaches do. If Sanders can make Colorado the next Alabama/Oklahoma/Ohio State, it will never matter which top NIL earners are in tow -- the talent will always make their way to Boulder if there's a proven track record of players making NFL millions.