Colorado football recruit: 'If I had every single offer, I still would choose Buffs'

Oregon State v Colorado
Oregon State v Colorado / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

Last-second Colorado football National Signing Day addition Kyeran Garcia proclaimed that he would've chosen the Buffs if every single school had an offer in front of him -- explaining that CU gives him a spotlight that others can't, that some refer to as the "Prime Effect."

"I thrive in an environment that pushes me so I always was just looking for the highest opportunity I can get," Garcia said (h/t The Coloradoan). "I feel like even if I had every single opportunity, every single offer, I still would choose the Buffs based off the exposure and the fact that you can be seen and heard."

Not only that, but as Garcia relays, those from Coach Prime's hometown of Fort Myers get somewhat of a "special treatment"; in this case, in the form of being pushed extra in practice.

"That phone call with 'Coach Prime,' he was just letting me know that guys from the 239, if anything, he pushes them harder than everybody else," Garcia said. "He pushes them way harder because he knows where we come from and he knows what to expect.

"He knows that we can take it so I'd rather just work as hard as I can, work harder than everybody."

Kyeran Garcia excited to play for Colorado football LB coach Andre' Hart

Garcia's not only excited to play for Coach Prime when he reaches Boulder, but also Colorado's Andre' Hart as well.

“Coach Hart, the linebacker coach out of Colorado, I look forward to playing up under him," Garcia told BuffZone's Brian Howell. "I feel like he does a really good job at developing his linebackers. I watched some film and they just play like lights out. So I feel like he can develop me into just being an animal and get to the next level.”

There's a lot to like about Garcia on the Buffs. That he respects the men he is going to be learning from is one of those things.