Colorado football reporter: The Athletic's Deion Sanders hit piece 'out of bounds'

Nov 4, 2023; Boulder, Colorado, USA; Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders takes the field
Nov 4, 2023; Boulder, Colorado, USA; Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders takes the field / Chet Strange-USA TODAY Sports

Colorado football reporter Adam Munsterteiger (of categorized the anti-Deion Sanders hit piece -- one that featured quotes from former Buffs, safety Xavier Smith and receiver Chase Sowell, aimed at depicting Coach Prime as careless and callous in his dismissal of cut 2022 CU players -- from The Athletic's Max Olson as "out of bounds" in a two-part message to Buffs fans, reporters, and coaches not to get too hung up on the negative hysteria surrounding the program.

"As CU Buffs fans, reporters or coaches, we're going to drive ourselves crazy if we respond to every negative mention the next four months," Munsterteiger prefaced before saying, "I get why Shedeur and Coach Prime had each other's back last week. No issue with that. But I'm going to try to avoid a lot of this nonsense.

"To add - The Athletic piece was absolutely out of bounds. This post isn't a response to that. All the commentary & controversy that story conjured up is what I'm sure they wanted... which is really sad. Just feels like we're too on edge in this CU market right now."

All coverage surrounding Colorado football program is sensationalized

Shedeur Sanders couldn't even release a rap song without supposedly objective analysts and overnight hip-hop critics putting their negative spin on it. That should serve as a stark reminder of what coverage of Coach Prime's Buffs has been like since he took over the program in December 2022.

While the Sanders family feeds into it, and particularly in the case of Shedeur and Deion taking to social media to take shots at Austin Peay players, like Smith and Jaheim Ward, and random fans (in Coach Prime's case), provoke it, media talking heads have been given an inch but taken a mile.

That won't change for as long as Sanders is coaching the Buffs and figures to reach a fever pitch in 2024 as more national coverage has eyes on the program with Shedeur and Travis Hunter profiling as top 2025 NFL draft picks.