Colorado football S Shilo Sanders' lawyers may not be able to seal records in John Darjean case

Shilo Sanders' incident back in 2015 is continuing to apply pressure in his life.
Shilo Sanders continues to be haunted by a past mistake
Shilo Sanders continues to be haunted by a past mistake / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

The 2015 incident of Shilo Sanders, Deion Sanders' son, is continuing to apply pressure in his life. The moment Coach Prime's son went out of character and ended up elbowing John Darjean in the neck had its consequences. But they are still lingering around to this day — keep in mind he was only 15 at the time.

Right now, it's looking like his attorneys are working their hardest to seal the records in the case. However, it's in question whether or not that hope becomes a reality. There's a lot on the line and the final decision can alter (Shilo) Sanders' life, positively or negatively.

“Sanders' attorneys are working to seal records in the case,” BuffsBeat's Josh Tolle prefaced before saying, “It's unclear if that request will be granted by the judge at this stage before trial. Sanders' defense will be critical to try and discharge his debt in the ongoing matter.”

It's hard to imagine what he's going through at this time especially when you think that he was just in high school when the incident came to be.

It makes sense why Darjean is trying everything in his power to knock Sanders off track — $12 million is at stake.

Regardless, both sides are fighting for something important and it's only right to do so.

Colorado's Shilo Sanders injury timetable and 2025 NFL Draft stock

It's up in the air as far as how long Sanders will be out as there are mixed messages about that. Doctor Jesse Morse states that the six-month timetable is what seems to be the most likely resolution to this whole dilemma.

Sanders is nesting a damaged shoulder that needs to be taken care of — he'll need to be at 100% to defend the backfield for his dad.

NFL Mock Draft Database has him being selected as a fifth-round pick as the 134th overall pick. But that can change with a big season — we'll just have to find out and let the gameplay speak for itself.

Nonetheless, there is so much riding the Sanders' shoulders (literally and figuratively). On and off the field, hopefully, he can catch a break and play the game he loves without any worries.