Colorado football star details insults opposing coaches hurled after Buffs commitment

The premiere Colorado football recruit of the 2023 offseason detailed the wild insults opposing coaches hurled after his Buffs commitment.

IMG's Jordan Seaton (77) holds off Lipscomb's Beck Woodside (35) at Lipscomb's Reese Smith Football
IMG's Jordan Seaton (77) holds off Lipscomb's Beck Woodside (35) at Lipscomb's Reese Smith Football / Denny Simmons / The Tennessean / USA

Colorado football offseason splash Jordan Seaton detailed the wild insults opposing coaches hurled at him after spurning top programs like Ohio State, Tennessee, and Oregon to commit to Coach Prime and the Buffs.

"This was the most famous one I got," Seaton said (h/t BuffsBeat). "It was like "What do you want to be a rapper or something?" I'm like...Hey... *Laughing*… I get what you're saying, but... bro... There was a lot of negative recruiting (at Coach Prime). I feel like some people don't understand that he's only had... He's only been there for what... Has it been a year yet? It's been a year. The turnaround that program has from 1-11 to 4-8... to see that is cool."

The implications of such a statement are beyond reprehensible. Apparently, choosing Colorado means not being serious about one's football career -- but insinuating joining the Buffs has to do with wanting to be a rapper because of Coach Prime speaks to the sort of ugliness this world has tried to eradicate for several decades.

Trent Williams to serve as mentor to Colorado football star recruit Jordan Seaton

As BuffsBeat's Josh Tolle pointed out, San Francisco 49ers star Trent Williams will be serving as a mentor to Seaton as the IMG Academy star transitions from the high school level to the Power Five.

"One of the most interesting factors for Seaton coming to Colorado will be having San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman Trent Williams training the Buffs incoming freshman," Tolle prefaced before saying, "He called the 14-year NFL vet a "mentor" in his development. The influence of Williams, along with the coaching tips of Hall-of-Fame Warren Sapp will give Seaton a different perspective of the game. It's just another level of the 'Prime Effect' in Boulder."

Seaton has the red carpet rolled out for him, and Colorado could prove to be the best place for him to become an NFL pro. Not a rapper.