Colorado football star Shedeur Sanders can go down Spencer Rattler path after X drama: Analyst

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OutKick's Barrett Sallee believes Colorado football star Shedeur Sanders can go down the same road as Spencer Rattler -- seeing his draft stock fall precipitously due to character questions -- after the "Grown QB" publicly mocked former teammate Xavier Smith because the safety opened up about how Deion Sanders dismissed him from Boulder.

"The last week of Shedeur Sanders’ shenanigans have shed a spotlight on a program littered with entitlements, including from its starting quarterback," Sallee prefaced before saying, "If Spencer Rattler can get knocked down multiple rounds in the NFL Draft because of his attitude in a Netflix reality show that he starred in while he was in high school, you can bet your mortgage on scouts using the last week of nonsense against him next offseason."

Rattler came in as the star of the show at Oklahoma under Lincoln Riley but was eventually replaced by Caleb Williams before transferring to South Carolina. While his numbers improved in Columbia, SC, his past caught up to him by the time the 2024 NFL draft came around. Rattler ended up being a fifth-round pick (to the New Orleans Saints) after videos of his behavior in high school came to light.

As for Shedeur, Deion's youngest son said that Smith was "very mid at best" in late April following The Athletic's exposé and that he didn't even remember him from the few months their paths crossed between when Coach Prime became head coach in December 2022 and by the time Smith transferred in June 2023.

Will this affect his draft stock?

NFL teams know what they'd get by drafting Colorado football QB Shedeur Sanders

Sanders and Rattler come from different backgrounds and have different issues NFL GMs have/will worry about.

Being Deion's son, NFL front offices know what they'd be getting by taking a QB who's been anything but shy since arriving in Boulder. Let's not forget that Shedeur went up to the ASU student section and flashed his watch last season. This Smith dust-up isn't the first time Shedeur has talked his talk.

Rattler being benched and then taking a step down from OU to South Carolina was just the cherry on top of his plot being lost. What he did before his five-year NCAA career had already been known and popped back up when NFL scouts looked further into it.

No NFL scout needs to look further into Shedeur. Everything he does has been a spectacle. Don't expect him to be punished for anything he's done in Colorado.

Deion's people in the NFL know exactly why he did all of it.