Colorado football stars' NIL agency CEO sounds off on NIL regulation proposal from Congress

Colorado v UCLA
Colorado v UCLA / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

One of Colorado football stars Shedeur and Shilo Sanders and Travis Hunter's representatives, Postgame CEO and Co-Founder Bill Jula, sounded off on the NIL regulation proposals from Congress -- explaining his viewpoint that there's no need for any and that there likely won't end up being any agreed-upon proposal from a governing body that rarely comes together.

"First of all, my opinion is -- and I know there are, like, 3 or 4 different proposals that have been bounced around for the last year with a bunch of different congressmen -- much like my answer to fans worrying about what (NIL) is supposedly doing to college sports, it's kind of a similar answer when it comes to congress," Jula prefaced before saying, "I think they have bigger fish to fry. I personally don't think I don't think anybody's gonna truly go out on a limb and make anything happen here anytime soon.

"I think they're gonna let the market the free market continue to do its thing. You know, again, are there some issues involved in all this? Sure. But is it enough for Congress to get together when they traditionally don't get together on anything and come together around college sports? You know, I just don't think anything is really gonna happen. I don't know exactly what it would be, They're talking about bundling some of these proposals around giving athletes healthcare and providing clearing houses where these deals have to go through. I mean, it's kinda just people who are upset about not being able to see what actually is happening but I don't know what that actually does for the athlete to change what's actually happening right now."

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Jula later told me that Coach Prime was perhaps giving lip service when he made his comments regarding Colorado being an ATM. As I would say to him and reiterate here, Jordan Seaton didn't sprout from thin air.

While not at the level of a Texas or an Ohio State, Colorado is on its way. Maybe they're not a blue blood-level ATM just yet, but as we've seen, change comes quickly in college football.