Colorado football transfer chose dream coach, Deion Sanders, over dream school

Dec 30, 2023; Nashville, TN, USA;  Auburn Tigers cornerback Colton Hood (24) and Auburn Tigers
Dec 30, 2023; Nashville, TN, USA; Auburn Tigers cornerback Colton Hood (24) and Auburn Tigers / Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

Colorado football transfer Colton Hood admitted that he chose his dream coach, Deion Sanders, over his dream school, Auburn; which he played one game for, The 2023 Music City Bowl, before hitting the portal this offseason.

“I’m extremely excited. Coach Prime was my idol growing up,” he said (h/t BuffZone). “I’ve read his book, I’ve listened to, like, almost every documentary, all those type things. So I’m really excited to learn from him.

“Auburn was always my dream school. I got to go there. I played in a couple of games. So that was a good dream of mine but I think I’m on to the next dream now, the next goal, which is playing with my brother at Colorado and playing under Coach Prime. I loved Auburn. It was my dream school. (Cornerbacks coach Wesley McGriff) really helped me in terms of, like, bettering my IQ, learning the game, and things of that nature. I know I’m a really good receiver and I can play both sides. Colorado, I just feel like going there, I would get that opportunity.”

Deion Sanders banking on another portal overhaul to fix Colorado football program's problems

Sanders is the dream coach of many, but as Cormani McClain found out, he can become a nightmare just as quick if you aren't doing what you need to. Coach Prime had a no nonsense approach to the 2023 season that resulted in mass departures due to disciplinary infractions; infractions that some would perhaps call selective.

With his harsh standards, Sanders is choosing to prioritize perfect fits over roster-bonding and building. Year one didn't yield positive results in that regard. Year two will go a long way in proving whether or not the constant overhauls in Boulder can lead to anything substantial or if bucking nearly every college football trend isn't the recipe to success after all.