Colorado football sets unique FBS record with 2024 roster

Colorado v Utah
Colorado v Utah / Chris Gardner/GettyImages

The Colorado football program is setting a unique FBS record with the 2024 Buffs roster: having the most sibling pairs of any team in history.

"Colorado will have four sets of brothers on the roster for a family affair," wrote BuffsBeat's Jeff Hauser. "The 5-foot-8, 140-pound two-way standout is the younger brother of Buffaloes receiver Kaleb Mathis. Also, their father is CU's cornerback coach and former NFL star Kevin Mathis, who was a teammate of Sanders with the Dallas Cowboys. It's an FBS record for the most sets of siblings on a team."

Mathis shared excitement about playing for Deion Sanders and Co. on his brother Kaleb's YouTube channel (h/t Essentially Sports).

“I know it’s going to be extremely hard because his standards are overly high, and trying to meet those standards will be challenging," Kole prefaced before saying, "But I refuse not to meet them. I’ve been around him my whole life. He’s been there since I was born so I see him as an uncle and just another father figure in my life.”

Colorado football continues to prioritize relationships over star power

Perhaps Coach Prime is resigned to the fact that Colorado isn't an NIL superpower in the modern era of college football. He's made it clear he doesn't want CU to be an ATM, and Shedeur and Shilo Sanders and Travis Hunter's agent, Postgame CEO Bill Jula, told me that the Buffs are far behind the top spenders (Ohio State, Texas) from a pay-to-play perspective; which is the primary ways players are being paid as opposed to sponsorship deals.

Evidently, he's building his culture with lower-rated recruits who have previously existing relationships with each other. Not just any either: blood relationships in most cases.

Will it work? Crazier things have happened, so stay tuned.