Colorado governor stands up for Deion Sanders amidst social media beef

Colorado's governor defended Deion Sanders after his recent social media drama.
Colorado Spring Football Game
Colorado Spring Football Game / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

Deion Sanders has received some PR help from Colorado Governor Camden Dempsey after a rumor inferred Sanders cussed a player out.

Dempsey said he never saw anything like that while hanging around the University of Colorado's football team.

“This article insinuated that Coach Prime cussed a player out of our program and told him to clean his locker out using profanity,” Dempsey prefaced before saying, “From what I’ve seen in my time here at this program that is simply not true…what I can tell you is that this program supports athletes in their personal and their professional lives and we also still expect players to uphold their commitment.”

For further context, former 2022 Buffs safety Xavier Smith previously stated that "he was destroying guys' confidence and belief in themselves." No direct reference was made to cursing, but it's not much of a leap.

The governor refuses to believe it.

Governor Dempsey spoke highly about the team and tagged the positives circulating within the program. He mentions that "our guys are meshing very well, players are getting to know one another, the new guys are really beginning to bring their own selves and their personality into our program."

If you have not seen the video yet, check it out here.

Where is Xavier Smith now after Colorado transfer?

Smith is a Safety redshirt sophomore at the University of Texas at El Paso, affectionately known as UTEP. The Atlanta, Georgia native, listed at six feet and 186 pounds, played in all 12 games for the Austin Peavy before joining the Miners.

He was named the 2023 Phil Steele FCS Fourth Team Freshman All-American as he recorded 75 tackles. Smith's best performance that season came against Chattanooga as he accumulated a career-high in tackles with 13. On top of all the many highlights that make his career noticeable.

Regardless of being called "mid at best" by Shedeur Sanders, Smith can ball.