CU AD Rick George unconcerned with perception of Deion Sanders' Colorado football program: Analyst

2023 Sports Illustrated Sportsperson Of The Year Award And The Prime Video World Premiere Of "Coach
2023 Sports Illustrated Sportsperson Of The Year Award And The Prime Video World Premiere Of "Coach / Tom Cooper/GettyImages

OutKick's Trey Wallace doesn't believe for one second that CU AD Rick George gives any thought to the social media perception of Deion Sanders' Colorado football program; assuming that he expected what he's gotten thus far with "Prime Time" in Boulder.

"Do you think athletic director Rick George is worried about what folks are saying on social media about the football program? Absolutely not, he knew what he was getting when he hired Deion to resurrect the program, at least from an excitement standpoint," Wallace prefaced before saying, "The long-term result is yet to be determined, but there's not a single media outlet that covers college football that hasn't profited off Deion Sanders in some way over the past eighteen months."

Wallace is correct. Sanders value to CU Athletics has been in the ballpark of $280 million in his first year alone, per USA Today's Brent Schrotenboer.

"The $280 million is a conservative estimate compiled by USA TODAY Sports," Schrotenboer prefaced before saying, "It includes increases in football ticket sales from last year ($20 million), increases in donations ($8 million), increases in other categories (at least $3 million) and the estimated value of the increased media exposure that came with hiring a Pro Football Hall of Famer who attracts so many cameras ($249 million)."

Deion Sanders' actions at Colorado football not as bad as many of his coaching peers

Sanders may have said "Lawd Jesus" to a tweet with Austin Peay DB Jaheim Ward's stats, but CSU head coach Jay Norvell's wife quite literally said that his son, Shedeur Sanders, was acting like a b*tch via social media.

Sanders may have been cold about his delivery of the news to Xavier Smith that he wasn't a fit on the Buffs, but Lane Kiffin cussed out DeSanto Rollins. And the audio was recorded and released to the public.

Making a big deal out of what Sanders does while downplaying those other things shows just how much publications love making a buck of Coach Prime; especially since negative headlines sell better than positive ones.